How Much Do Nike Workers In China Get Paid?

According to China Labor Watch, which released a study on the facility in 2010, the average worker at the company makes somewhere between $300 and $400 per month depending on their job and how much overtime they put in. There is no standard work schedule for China’s manufacturers, however it is customary for employees to put in sixty hours each week.

How much do factory workers in China get paid?

A review of salaries In China, the standard hourly wage for factory workers is CNY 26, while the annual salary for factory workers is CNY 54,221. Between CNY 42,318 and CNY 64,899 is the pay range that falls under the category of ″Factory Worker″ on average.

How much do China workers get paid?

This statistic presents the typical yearly wage of an employee working for a public or charitable organization in metropolitan China in the year 2020, broken down by area. A worker in the urban parts of the Chinese province of Jiangsu in the year 2020 should expect an annual salary of around 103,600 yuan on average. In the year 2020, the national average was around 97,400 yuan.

How much does Nike pay per hour?

The minimum salary for hourly workers at our stores in North America (including the United States of America, Puerto Rico, and Canada) is $15 US/CAD per hour.

How are Nike workers treated in China?

Employees are only given two to four days off every month.Both China’s Labor Law and Nike’s Code, which both specify that employees are entitled to at least one day of rest each week, are being broken by this practice.After working at the plant for one year, employees are eligible for an annual leave that lasts for five days.

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After working there for two years, workers are eligible for an annual leave that lasts for seven days.

What is China’s minimum wage?

At the moment, Shanghai has the highest monthly minimum salary out of all 31 provinces in China (RMB 2,590 or US$400 per month), although Beijing has the highest hourly minimum pay (RMB 25.3/US$3.9 per hour).

How much does Apple pay its Chinese employees?

Workers earn around 10.13 yuan per hour, which is equivalent to approximately $1.62 per hour, assuming a conservative assumption of 12 hours of labor per day and 30 days in a month. This is significantly lower than the minimum wage, which is suggested to be at least $3.77 per hour.

What is a high salary in China?

Maximum and Minimum Salary Range The lowest possible pay in China is 7,410 Yuan (equivalent to $1,145 USD), while the highest possible compensation is 1,311,000 Yuan (equivalent to $20,245 USD) each month. The least salary in China is 7,410 Yuan, while the maximum salary in China is 1,311,000 Yuan.

Does everyone in China get paid the same?

Wages in addition to Bonuses Due to the fact that different people are paid differently in China, information on salaries is strictly confidential. As a result, they do not want individuals talking about how much money they do or do not get paid, comparing wages, or anything else of the kind.

What is the average salary in China in US dollars?

The yearly salary, on average, by area (urban units)

Region Average (2019) RMB 90,501 USD 13,231
Beijing 166,803 24,386
Shanghai 149,377 21,839
Tibet 118,118 17,269
Tianjin 108,002 15,790
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How much do Nike pay their staff?

What kind of salaries can one expect to get working at Nike? Check out the most recent pay rates broken down by division and position. The estimated annual pay range at Nike is as follows: the estimated average salary is $119,348 (which is equivalent to $57 per hour), the estimated median salary is $109,730 (which is equivalent to $52 per hour), and the estimated minimum salary is $0.

Do Nike employees get free shoes?

Yes, you will receive one pair of shoes and two clothes when you are first hired, and then going forward, you will receive one outfit every six months and one pair of shoes once a year. You can get more tops if there are certain events taking place right now.

Does Nike do drug test?

Yes, Nike does conduct drug testing on select prospective employees. Although those interested in working in retail are required to pass a drug test before they can be hired, there are certain exceptions. Mouth swabs or five-panel urine tests are also potential components of the Nike drug screening process.

Does Nike support child labor?

Nike has stated that the issue of child labor is the ″most perplexing″ subject that it encounters, and the company has admitted that it is unable to guarantee that none of its contractors would utilize child labor.According to the study, ″Our objective is to continue to do all we can to eradicate child labor in our contract factories,″ but ″we can be assured that cases will arise.″ Despite this, ″our goal is to continue to do everything we can to eradicate child labor in our contract factories.″

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Does Nike use Chinese sweatshops?

In order to manufacture footwear and clothes in East Asia, Nike Inc. has been accused of engaging in labor exploitation and operating sweatshops. After experiencing price increases and an increase in the cost of labor at factories in Korea and Taiwan, Nike began contracting in manufacturers located in other East Asian countries.

Does Apple still use child labor?

In the year 2020, numerous newspapers discovered what they believe to be evidence of instances of forced labor in Apple’s supply chain. According to the study that was released by the corporation today, Apple claims that it did not discover any indication of child labor or forced labor.

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