How Much Do Cafeteria Workers Make?

Average base salary In the United States, an hourly wage of $13.26 is considered to be the standard for a worker in a cafeteria. 3,5 thousand wages were recorded as of the 30th of June in 2022.

What are the duties of a cafeteria worker?

The first order of business for a worker at a cafeteria is always to get the kitchen and the necessary appliances ready for the day’s customers. You would go through the menus for the day, serve food and beverages, keep track of how much food was used, resupply the kitchen supplies, and wash the dishes, pots, and pans that were used during the day.

Is it hard being a lunch lady?

It requires a lot of hard work. Working as a lunch lady is a demanding job. Because the majority of the food items are available in industrial amounts, such as gigantic cans of vegetables and fruits or massive bags of mixes, it is necessary to be in relatively excellent physical condition in order to prepare a supper for a couple hundred pupils.

How much do lunch ladies make in Michigan?

What is the salary of a School Lunch Aide in the state of Michigan? As of the 27th day of June in the year 2022, the typical yearly salary for a School Lunch Aide in the state of Michigan is $24,273. In the event that you want a straightforward calculator for salaries, that comes out to around $11.67 per hour. This equates to a weekly cost of $467 and a monthly cost of $2,023.

What is a cafeteria worker called?

Noun. A lady who is in charge of serving lunch. lunch lady. cafeteria woman.

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What’s another name for cafeteria worker?

Employees in the food service industry typically go by a variety of job names, including cafeteria workers, lunch or dinner aids, and cafeteria assistants.

What is the difference between café and cafeteria?

Important Distinction: A coffee shop, often known as a café or just a cafe, is a business that serves hot beverages like coffee, tea, and other similar drinks.A cafeteria is a type of establishment that has very little to no employees and primarily self-service stations for customers to use.In major institutions such as schools and universities as well as office buildings and other types of structures, you may frequently find spaces like this.

How much do school cafeteria workers make in Louisiana?

It is estimated that the hourly wage for cafeteria workers at school cafeterias in Louisiana is roughly $11.48, which is equal to the national average.

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