How Much Do Ferry Workers Make?

Compensation Scales for Members of Ferry Crews The earnings of those who work as crew members on ferries in the United States can range anywhere from $22,440 to $66,190, with $41,260 being the typical income. The top 80 percent of Ferry Crew Members receive an average annual salary of $66,190, while the middle 60 percent make $41,260.

How much do ferry workers make in Washington state?

Employment Opportunities on Washington State Ferries, Listed by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Customer Service Agent Range:$14 – $26 (Estimated *) Average:$19
Electrical Engineer Range:$23 – $53 (Estimated *) Average:$35
Facility Security Officer (FSO) Range:$16 – $57 (Estimated *) Average:$27
Ordinary Seaman Range:$12 – $27 (Estimated *) Average:$18

How much do NYC ferry workers make?

Ferry Captains in New York City, New York Can Expect to Earn the Following Salaries on Average: In the city of New York, New York, the wages of Ferry Captains range anywhere from $38,310 to $134,950, with a typical income of $76,780. Ferry Captains make an average annual salary of $76,780, with the top 20 percent earning $134,950 annually on average.

How much do ferry workers make in NC?

The total cash compensation for the position of STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA Ferry Crew Member II in the United States, which includes the base salary as well as any annual incentives, can range anywhere from $31,691 to $46,490, with the average total cash compensation being $39,091. The chart displays this information.

How much do ferry captains make UK?

£1,821 (GBP)/yr The gross annual income of a ferry boat captain in the United Kingdom is around £51,729, which is equal to a rate of $25 per hour. In addition to this, they receive a bonus that, on average, amounts to £1,821. Estimated salaries based on data from a wage survey gathered in the United Kingdom directly from companies and employees who wished to remain anonymous.

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How much do ferry workers make Seattle?

Pay Scales for Ferry Captains in the City of Seattle, Washington, USA In the city of Seattle, Washington, the wages of Ferry Captains range from $38,310 all the way up to $134,950, with a typical income of $76,780. Ferry Captains make an average annual salary of $76,780, with the top 20 percent earning $134,950 annually on average.

How do you become a deckhand on a ferry?

To be eligible for work as a Deckhand, you will need to receive training and get a license. You will be able to work as a Deckhand in all of the states and territories of the country provided you have some prior experience and finish the training required for the General Purpose Hand Near Coastal Certificate of Competency.

Is NYC Ferry a union job?

A document from the Department of Labor reveals that Hornblower Cruises, the business responsible for operating the ferry service in New York City, recruited a union-busting agency at the beginning of this year, despite the fact that Mayor Bill de Blasio stated the company was a ″strong union employer.″

How much does NYC Ferry deckhand make?

The compensation for a deckhand position on a New York City ferry is about $20 per hour. The hourly rate of pay for deckhands at NYC Ferry can range anywhere from $18 to $23. This figure is an estimation based on 11 salary reports (or estimates based on statistical techniques) supplied by workers or estimated based on statistical methods for the NYC Ferry Deckhand position.

How much do Staten Island Ferry drivers make?

As of the 24th of June in the year 2022, the annual salary of a Ferry Boat Captain on Staten Island is around $45,577 on average. In the event that you want a straightforward calculator for salaries, that comes out to around $21.91 per hour. This equates to $876 per week or $3,798 per month in spending power.

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How much does a ferry captain make in NC?

In North Carolina, the United States, the gross annual income for a ferry captain is typically around $84,200, which works out to a rate of $40 per hour. This is 6 percent less (-5,471 dollars) than the typical pay that is earned by a ferry captain in the United States.

How much do cruise ship drivers earn?

The compensation of a cruise ship captain averages out to be $98,000 per year. The salary of a cruise ship captain can range from $44,000 for an inexperienced captain of a small cruise ship to $177,000 for an experienced captain of a mega-ship with more than 20 years of service.

How much are pilots paid UK?

In the post of first officer, more experienced pilots can earn salaries that vary anywhere from £36,000 to £48,000 per year. The beginning wage for a captain working for a medium-sized airline might be anywhere from £54,000 to £75,000 per year. Earnings might range from £97,000 to more than £140,000 for those who work for large businesses.

How much do pilots earn?

It is possible for the annual remuneration of pilots to range anywhere from 1.21 to 90 lakhs of Indian rupees (INR), on average. The annual bonus might range anywhere from INR 10,000 to INR 9.86 Lakhs (approximately). A pilot who works for the Indian Army or the Indian Navy might make anything from INR 500,000 to INR 800,000 per year in salary and benefits combined.

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