How Much Do Poll Workers Make?

Students who work at polling places are eligible for a stipend that, depending on the county in which they serve, can range anywhere from $65 to $150, and they also get the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with the administration of elections. Please get in touch with the elections officer in your county if you want additional information about being a poll worker at a high school.

How much do New York poll workers get paid?

If you work on Election Day, you will receive $130.00 in salary, and if you attend class and pass the exam, you will receive $25.00 in additional compensation.If you do not work on Election Day, however, you will not receive the additional $25.00 compensation for attending class.In addition, those who attend class, pass the exam, and work two Election Days will receive an additional $35.00 in compensation.

Do poll workers get paid for training NYC?

Will you be paid? Poll Workers do, in fact, get paid for their training as well as for each day they work. The New York State Board of Elections is dedicated to carrying out its obligation to the people living in the state of New York by conducting elections that are honest and accurate.

Do PA poll workers get paid?

On election day, each and every poll worker receives payment for the time that they put in at the polling place.

How much do poll workers get paid in Georgia?

The starting wage is $115 per day, and there is potential for promotion within the company.Serving your neighbors and being engaged in your community by working at the polls may be a very gratifying experience.You will be expected to attend a training session in order to fulfill the duties of a poll worker.Additionally, you will be responsible for providing your own transportation to and from the training session and the job site on Election Day.

How much do NYC poll workers make 2021?

The city council has decided to increase their daily earnings to $250, which is equivalent to a $15 increase in their hourly rate. The salary rise not only satisfies the new requirements for the minimum wage, but it will also make it easier to find and keep qualified staff, which will likely result in an increase in the effectiveness of the operations at polling places.

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How much do poll workers get paid in NJ?

RENTON – Governor Murphy today signed into law (A-208) legislation that would raise the wages of election workers in the state of New Jersey. In addition to appropriating $7,000,000 to the Department of State, the law increases the salary of election workers from $200 per day to $300 per day.

How much do poll workers get paid in Montgomery County PA?

Positions held on Election Day

Position (Code) Service Hours/Special Requirements Training Pay
Voting Operations – Driver (VOP-D) 6:00 am to about 9:30 pm, requires a car and cell phone. Minimum age – 18 years $30
Voting Operations – Provisional (VOP-P) 6:00 am to about 11:00 pm. Minimum age – 18 years $30

What does an election official do?

On election day, the Election Official provides support and assistance to the Voting Centre Manager. This function is responsible for crossing off voters on the official voter roll, handing out ballot papers, and ensuring that they are deposited in the appropriate voting box.

How long is the term for judge of elections in PA?

In the event that a seat becomes vacant as a result of a death or retirement, the governor appointment process is used to replace the position until the next election.There is a 10-year term requirement for judges sitting on the Supreme Court, Superior Court, Commonwealth Court, and Court of Common Pleas.The judges who preside over magisterial district courts and municipal courts each serve terms of six years.

How old do you have to be to be a poll worker in Georgia?

A poll worker is required to. You must be at least 16 years old to join. Possess strong reading, writing, and spoken communication skills in English. not be a candidate for public office, nor serve in a public position now.

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How much are Fulton County poll workers paid?

The hours of operation for election inspectors are the same for both the Primary Election and the General Election: 5:15 AM to 9:30 PM (approximately).The same amount of money, $256, is given to inspectors regardless of which day they work.The polling stations will be open from 6 AM until 9 PM.The polling places will be open for varying amounts of time for early voting, but inspectors will be needed to work shifts of eight hours each and will be compensated $144.

How do I become a poll worker in Chatham County GA?


  1. A resident of Chatham County is required to apply
  2. Must be age 16 or older
  3. Required skills in reading, writing, and oral and written communication in English
  4. Cannot have any kind of connection to any of the people who are running for office
  5. Must successfully finish a training class before to running for major office

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