How Much Do Port Workers Make?

However, the guys who work on the docks make a substantial amount more than the minimum wage. In point of fact, the union’s own literature suggests that the typical dockworker brings in an annual wage of $147,000 and receives an additional $35,000 from their company in the form of employer-paid health care benefits.

How much do California port workers make?

In the state of California, the hourly wage for dock workers is $21.14, and they receive an additional $6,250 in overtime pay annually. 484 wages were recorded, and the most recent update was on June 17, 2022.

How much do LA port workers make?

Compensation at the Port of Los Angeles

Job Title Salary
Student Worker salaries – 6 salaries reported $38,430/yr
Student Professional Worker salaries – 5 salaries reported $45,186/yr
Intern – Hourly salaries – 5 salaries reported $44,374/yr
IT Student Worker salaries – 2 salaries reported $40,599/yr

How much do New York dock workers make?

Average base salary In New York City, New York, a dock worker can expect to earn a median wage of $22.56 per hour in addition to an annual overtime premium of $5,250.

What are port workers called?

A waterfront manual laborer who is involved in loading and unloading ships, trucks, trains, or airplanes is known as a stevedore (/stivdr/), sometimes called a longshoreman, a docker, or a dockworker. Other names for this worker include a longshoreman and a docker.

Why do longshoreman make so much money?

The hand that the longshoremen are holding is extraordinarily powerful.According to Howard Kimeldorf, a professor at the University of Michigan who authored a book on dockworkers and researched the topic extensively for his research, ″They are one of the highest paid blue-collar group because of their strategic location in terms of controlling where goods funnel from ports to the nation’s roads and railroads.″

Is being a longshoreman hard?

Longshoremen are subjected to strenuous physical labor, hazardous working conditions, and duties that might endanger their lives on a daily basis. They climb ladders, walk along catwalks, do their jobs from scaffolding, handle heavy machinery, and transport large cargo. The work takes stamina, concentration, and strength all at the same time.

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What do port workers do?

Dock workers are those who work at ports and are responsible for loading and unloading goods. They are also known as longshoremen and stevedores. They are also in charge of preparing the docks for the arrival of incoming ships and of mooring and securing the ships to their berths. Totally free of charge with no credit card necessary for the trial.

Do longshoremen make good money?

According to figures compiled by the shipping industry, over half of the unionized longshoremen working on the West Coast make more than $100,000 annually, and some make far more. More than fifty percent of foremen and supervisors bring in an annual salary of more than two hundred thousand dollars. There are some managers that bring in more than $400,000 annually.

What Union trade makes the most money?

  1. Radiation therapists have the highest average salary of all trade jobs.
  2. Technologists Specializing in Nuclear Medicine
  3. Dental Hygienists.
  4. Technicians in the fields of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  5. Technicians and Mechanics of Aircraft and Avionics Equipment
  6. Aircraft Mechanics
  7. Boilermakers.
  8. Inspectors of Construction and Buildings
  9. Construction Inspectors
  10. Electricians

How much does the Port of Oakland pay?

Port Crane Operators in Oakland, California Can Expect to Make Between. Port Crane Operators in Oakland, California may make anywhere from $31,410 to $82,760 per year, with a typical income of $51,650. This compensation range is quite a variation. The highest-earning 20 percent of Port Crane Operators earned $82,760, compared to the middle 60 percent’s average salary of $51,650.

What is a longshoreman job?

At a dock or port, the individual who is responsible for loading and unloading cargo onto ships is known as a longshoreman. Longshoremen are an essential component of the labor force in the shipping and receiving business. These individuals are sometimes referred to as dockers or dock workers. The task must be done outside in any and all kinds of weather.

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How much does Long Beach dock workers make?

Dock workers in Long Beach, California make an average of $18.12 per hour, with overtime making up $6,154 of their yearly compensation. 7 wages were recorded, and the most recent update was on April 20, 2022.

What qualifications do you need to work in a port?

Candidates will typically need a ship master’s certificate in order to be considered for entry; however, these criteria might vary based on the pilot authority.You could be required to have General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSEs), Advanced Levels of Secondary Education (A levels), or credentials that are similar to these if you want to work in the commercial or administrative fields.Many graduate management training programs are offered by large corporations.

Is dock work hard?

The profession of a dock worker is one that requires a high level of physical stamina and strength since dock workers must be able to move big freight and operate cumbersome machinery for lengthy shifts.Apprenticeships may be made available by unions and companies to those who lack relevant work experience but are physically and intellectually competent of doing the hard tasks associated with the profession.

Why is there a shortage of port workers?

The ports continue to be congested, to the point that items continue to arrive later than expected. Now, the officials in charge of the air quality in the Harbor Area want the diesel-powered cargo ships that are anchored in the bay to wait out at sea rather than idling in the bay itself. BERKELEY, California (USA)

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