How Much Do Zoo Workers Make?

Pay Scales for Those Working in Zoos The wages of zookeepers in the United States may range anywhere from $10,240 to $209,552, with $37,730 serving as the median pay. Zookeeper salaries range from $37,730 to $94,998 on average, with the top 86 percent earning $209,552 or more each year.

What zoo pays Zookeepers the most?

  1. The most reputable employers of zookeepers in the United States The Children’s Zoo at Fort Wayne. 4.0 The hourly rate is $107. 46 reviews There were seven salaries disclosed
  2. The zoo in Woodland Park. 4.0 Each hour costs $27.50
  3. Institution named after the Smithsonian. 4.1 Each hour costs $26.44
  4. Honolulu, both the city and the county 4.2 dollars and $25.77 an hour
  5. Henry Vilas Zoo. 4.1 An hourly rate of $25.48
  6. Display additional businesses

Is Zookeeper a good career?

  • The fact that you get to care for a wide range of creatures, some of whom are critically endangered, makes the job really satisfying.
  • You get the opportunity to teach the general people about a variety of animal species, and maybe they will make adjustments to how they conduct their lives.
  • You will be expected to do your duties despite the conditions, which include working extremely early in the morning.

How much does a Disney zookeeper make?

The Walt Disney Company typically pays its Animal Keepers an annual salary of $42,470 on average. The Walt Disney Company offers animal keepers wages that can run anywhere from $37,451 to $44,345 per year.

Is working at a zoo fun?

  • On the other hand, the majority of zoo keepers are subjected to situations in their professions that are challenging, monotonous, and just not very enjoyable.
  • These include working outside regardless of the weather, cleaning up body fluids, cleaning and washing animal holding spaces and exhibitions, and making animal meals.
  • Other responsibilities include maintaining animal enclosures and feeding animals.
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Is it hard to get a job at a zoo?

  • Because the majority of these occupations are sought after, there are typically more applications than there are openings.
  • You should anticipate a high degree of competition as well as pay that are seen as being cheap in comparison to the amount of education required to accomplish the tasks.
  • And these are not simple occupations by any means.
  • In some contexts, providing proper care for animals may need constant attention from the caregiver.

Do zookeepers get days off?

Zookeeper Working Hours There is a possibility that zookeepers will be required to work the night shift or the early morning shift. In addition to this, zookeepers are expected to put in shifts on important holidays as well as weekends. A certain amount of seniority in one’s place of employment is required in order to have desired days off, such as Christmas or Saturdays.

What do zookeepers do all day?

The duties of a zookeeper on a daily basis often include of feeding, cleaning, and maintaining the animals, as well as monitoring the behavior of the animals at the zoo, as well as caring for the exhibits. In addition to this, they are responsible for the animals’ feeding, the maintenance of records, and the provision of enrichment for the animals in their care.

How long does it take to become a zookeeper?

A bachelor’s degree is nearly always required in the beginning stages of the hiring process for an entry-level employment.

Education Requirements 4-Year Bachelor’s Degree
Zoologists Employed in U.S. (2020) 18,500
Projected Job Added by 2030 1,000
Projected Growth Rate 5%
Other Job Titles Zookeeper, Zoological Field Assistant
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How much do animal kingdom workers get paid?

  • Animal Kingdom Veterinary Hospital, Pllc has a salary range that goes from a low of $3,420,501 to a high of $4,493,565, with an average income of $3,933,340.
  • The wages range from low to high because of the nature of the business.
  • Individual pay will, of course, vary based on the nature of the work being performed, the department in which it is performed, the location of the business, as well as the employee’s specific degree and level of experience.

Do zookeepers work overnight?

Because zoo animals require care around the clock, zookeepers need to be ready to put in extra hours throughout the nights, weekends, and holidays. In 2016, around forty percent of all nonfarm animal caregivers were employed on a part-time basis; however, the hours that these individuals worked did not always correspond to standard business hours.

How many zookeepers get injured a year?

Animal assaults at zoos have resulted in 256 injuries and 33 fatalities over the past 26 years, according to data compiled by Born Free, an organization that advocates for the rights of animals and which was featured on CNN.

How hard is it to become a zookeeper?

Being a zookeeper requires dedication, not just to the animals you care for but also to the institution you work for and the education of the general public. It is characterized by long hours and arduous labor, and more than ninety-five percent of the time, it is not very glamorous.

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