How Much Money Do Buzzfeed Workers Make?

Jobs at BuzzFeed, Listed by Annual Salary

Job Title Range Average
Video Producer Range:$48k – $94k Average:$66,366
Recruiting Coordinator Range:$36k – $58k (Estimated *) Average:$45,580
Senior Marketing Manager Range:$65k – $112k (Estimated *) Average:$86,340
Copy Editor Range:$30k – $60k (Estimated *) Average:$41,648

Is BuzzFeed a good company?

Working with BuzzFeed is a rewarding and enjoyable experience. The environment at work is motivating, upbeat, and supportive of one another. The staff members are very imaginative and brilliant individuals. They create it so that you feel like a member of the team and are involved in the decisions that are made.

How much do BuzzFeed India employees make?

What kind of salaries can one expect to get working at BuzzFeed? Compensation at BuzzFeed.

Job Title Salary
Editor salaries – 1 salaries reported ₹4,80,000/yr
Freelance Contributor salaries – 1 salaries reported ₹64,550/yr
Editor salaries – 1 salaries reported US$1,94,607/yr
Freelancer salaries – 1 salaries reported ₹3,33,193/yr

How much does BuzzFeed Pay Freelancers?

FAQs Regarding BuzzFeed Salaries The progression of a freelancer’s compensation might vary greatly depending on where they work and who they work for. The annual compensation begins at $49,481 and may reach a maximum of $48,715 for those with the greatest level of seniority in the company.

Is BuzzFeed owned by Amazon?

About a third of BuzzFeed is owned jointly by Comcast and the NBCUniversal division that it controls.

How much do BuzzFeed editors make?

What is the average salary for an editor at BuzzFeed? The annual compensation for a BuzzFeed Editor is often calculated to be $76,376. Editors at BuzzFeed may make anything from $37,238 to $139,720 per year for their work there.

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Who owns BuzzFeed?

BuzzFeed News

Owner BuzzFeed
Key people Mark Schoofs (Editor-in-chief) Ben Smith (Former editor-in-chief)
Advertising Native

How much does a BuzzFeed tasty producer make?

The total cash compensation for the position of Video Producer, Tasty in the United States, which takes into account the base salary as well as any yearly bonuses, may range anywhere from $73,407 to $100,311 and has an average of $86,859.

Can you earn money from BuzzFeed?

Payments for this program are structured in tiers, with the amount received for each submission dependent on the number of page views it receives: posts that receive more than 150,000 views will earn contributors $150; posts that receive more than 500,000 views will earn $500; posts that receive more than 1 million views will get $2,000; and the highest tier, which requires 4 million views, will pay out $10,000.

How can I participate in BuzzFeed?

In order to become a member of the BuzzFeed Community, all you have to do is create an account on our website and publish something! Our editors will check over all of the submitted quizzes and lists, and if they believe that yours would be a good addition to the site, they will highlight it on the BuzzFeed Community page!

Can anyone write a BuzzFeed article?

We are constantly searching for freelance writers who can contribute to articles that are both fun and well-researched; however, the topics for which we are accepting pitches might change depending on the time of year.

Where are BuzzFeed offices?


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Country City Address
United States New York 111 E 18th St 13th Floor HQ
United States Los Angeles 1135 N Highland Ave
United States Los Angeles 7323 Beverly Blvd
United States Minneapolis

What happened at BuzzFeed?

In the year 2020, the lobby of BuzzFeed’s headquarters in New York City. BuzzFeed, a digital media firm that is most known for its humorous quizzes, is attempting to enhance its profitability and has stated that it would be reorganizing and downsizing its journalism operation.

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