How Much Do Kfc Workers Get Paid?

How much does KFC pay their employees in the United States? The Lead Cashier position at KFC has an average annual compensation of around $18,000, while the Marketing Manager position has an average annual salary of $160,000. The Forester position at KFC has an hourly pay rate of roughly $8.00, while the Consultant position has a rate of approximately $36.95.

How much do KFC pay 16 year olds UK?

Yes, the hourly rate for those under the age of 18 is £4.85.

How much do KFC workers get paid UK?

The starting annual income for a Sales Assistant at KFC is roughly £10,488, while the maximum annual compensation for a Financial Analyst is approximately £45,000. KFC employees get an average hourly wage that ranges from around £6.90 for the position of Manager to £11.00 for the position of Handy Man.

How much does KFC pay per hour in Australia?

The hourly wage of a KFC Team Member in Australia is roughly $21.94, which is approximately 22 percent less than the average wage across the country.

How much does KFC Make a month in South Africa?

How much does KFC pay its employees in South Africa? The all-rounder position at KFC pays roughly R 2,452 per month, whereas the general manager position pays approximately R 10,192 per month. The Cook position at KFC earns an average of roughly R 400 per week, whereas the Packer position earns approximately R 700 per week.

Do KFC get paid weekly?

KFC gets paid biweekly.

Is KFC a good job?

Overall, working at KFC is wonderful!My time spent at this KFC was quite enjoyable, since the staff members are engaging in conversation and are very nice.It is important to maintain your composure and act in a professional manner at all times, even when dealing with difficult consumers.I have a full-time job in addition to going to school, and my boss is always on my case to keep up with both obligations.

How much KFC pay an hour?

There is a wide range of salaries available at KFC, starting at around £15,729 per year for a Team Member and going all the way up to £56,525 per year for an Operations Manager. The hourly compensation at KFC ranges from roughly £5 for Restaurant Team Members to £9 for Sales Assistants on average. Restaurant Team Members receive the lowest hourly pay.

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How much do Mcdonalds pay 17 year olds UK?

How much does McDonald’s pay its employees based on their age?

Age group McDonald’s pay per hour
16-17 £7.50–9.00
18-20 £9.00–10.75
21-24 £9.46–11.79
25 and over £9.56–14.39

Do KFC employees get free food?

There is no additional compensation for working at night. Free meals, flexible schedules, and a friendly staff are all positive aspects of this job.

How much should a 16 year old get paid Australia?

What is the minimum salary for those who are 15 years old in Australia? Employers in Australia are permitted by law to give workers younger than 16 years old a minimum hourly wage of $7.48. This translates to 36.8 percent of the minimum salary that legal adults in Australia are required to earn.

How much does a 16 year old earn at McDonalds?

Starting pay rate is £6.50 for those aged 16 to 17, £7.25 for those aged 18 to 20, £8.72 for those aged 21 to 24, and £8.72 for those aged 25 and above. Shift Pattern: Completely open to change. The first hourly fee is £8.72.

Is it better to work at KFC or Mcdonalds?

KFC had a higher score than its competitors in three categories: Culture and Values, CEO Approval, and percent of Customers Who Would Recommend the Brand to a Friend. Both were identical in six different categories: overall rating, career opportunities, compensation and benefits, work-life balance, senior management, and positive business outlook.

How much do Spar employees get paid?

The sales assistant position at Spar has an average monthly income of roughly R 2 767, whereas the receiving manager position has an average compensation of approximately R 8 000. At Spar, the starting hourly wage for a Cleaner is roughly R 350, while the starting hourly wage for a Cashier is approximately R 900.

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How much does Pick n Pay employees earn?

How much does Pick n Pay pay its employees in Gauteng? The Merchandiser position at Pick n Pay pays roughly R 2,804 per month, whereas the Forklift Operator position at Pick n Pay pays approximately R 13,200 per month on average. The Packer position at Pick n Pay earns an average of roughly R 350 per week, whereas the Baker position earns approximately R 1000 per week.

What are the requirements to work at KFC?

When applying for a job at KFC, applicants must be at least 16 years old in order to be considered for entry-level roles. Cooking professions and positions on customer service teams are two examples of careers that are open to applicants younger than 18 years old. To be eligible for an upper-level post such as a shift supervisor, workers need to be at least 18 years old.

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